Jason Nelson
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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Jason Nelson who was born in Oregon on August 19, 1975 and passed away on July 06, 2005 at the age of 29. We will remember him forever.

Jason's memorial service will be held July 24th at 1:00PM at
The Garden at Flying Diamond Ranch
4691 SW Helmholtz Way
Redmond, OR 97756

Please check your pictures!  If you have any of Jason, we would love to see them.  Please use the "contact Andrea" link in the upper right hand corner to get in touch.  Thank you.

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Tributes and Condolences
Jason's Family   / Jason Nelson
I am so proud to call your family my friends, Jason! Because I have no doubt that you will be hugging and showing your love for for each other one day!
FAMILY FULL OF LOVE   / Kathy Nelson (MOM)
Hi Son, Before your accident I always treasured you and worried about you on the job or the adventures that you were off doing...Never could we of imagined that our lives would be turned  inside out and up side down. WE could not...  Continue >>
The Mountain   / Dad And Mom
Jay, we {Mom, Cody, Senna, Bowen, Teal, Andrea, Little JJ,and of course all the dogs and myself} all went to the mountain to celebrate your birthday and to follow through with your wish and spread your ashes.  We placed the plaque on the whiskey...  Continue >>
stopping by to say hi   / Angela Sweetman (family friend )
SO , I am still thinking of you and your family that you left behind to keep your memory alive. It is so strange how one can be here and then gone in a split second. At least you have a son to carry on your dreams and to keep loving Andrea for you ev...  Continue >>
two years   / Dad
Jay, we were all down at the river and thinking of  you.  It is hard to believe that it has been two years.  Little JJ is cute and busy.  Andrea has done a great job and I know you are proud of her.  Mack was there and he rea...  Continue >>
family / Kathy Nelson (mom)    Read >>
All my Love  / Kathy Nelson (mom)    Read >>
your family's love for you  / Mom Nelson (mother)    Read >>
The Cross  / Dad     Read >>
celebration of your life  / Mom And Dad Nelson (Parents)    Read >>
Hey Jason, what will you have to say when I finally get to see you?  / Andrea     Read >>
Walton Lake fishing  / Dad     Read >>
JUST WANT TO TALK  / Kathy Nelson (MOM)    Read >>
What will we do....?  / Kate Dunn (Fishin' Buddy )    Read >>
Jason's love for his family will be a legacy...  / Donna Griggs (Aunt)    Read >>
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Jason Sept 2003 - Las Vegas Airport
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